Pocket Bully Style Pitbull Puppies for Sale

Southern Smoke Pitbulls bring you high end, high quality pure bully style pitbull breedings. We bred selectively to perfection to reproduce the absolute best pocket bullys no other breeder can offer! We produce the best pocket style pitbulls with excellent structures and temperaments, ABKC champion quality bullies! That’s what we are known for!
(All our dog’s are DNA’D to prove purity throughout our line,  generation after generation.  Patiently creating our version POCKET BULLY through selective breeding).

Pocket Pit Puppy Pictures: (All Southern Smoke Bred)
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pocket bully puppy, pocket bully puppies
Southern Smoke’s Go-Getta (3rd Generation S-Smoke’s Pocket Bully Puppy)

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Southern Smoke’s Bo-Berry Daughter Above! (Super Pocket Extreme S-Smoke Bred Puppy)

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Southern Smoke’s Go-Getta G.G. Son Above! 3rd Generation Southern Smoke Bred Super Extreme Pocket Bully Style – THE SOUTHERN SMOKE WAY!

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All Southern Smoke Bred Pocket Bully Pitbulls (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th generations)

Southern Smoke’s Bo-Berry & Her Mother Southern Smoke’s Pocket a.k.a Gemma

southern smoke's pocket, southern smoke gemma, southern smoke pocket pitbullThere is a reason we named Bo-Berry’s mother “Pocket” at the age of 5-weeks old.  We knew she would  bring forth absolute phenomenal pocket bully puppies time and time again!  Southern Smoke’s Pocket aka Gemma is where this POCKET BULLY thing all started!

This is Southern Smoke’s Pocket as a baby puppy, way before the term Pocket Bully become a fad!  She has produced next level pocket pitbull puppies time and time again!

2011 Update: Here is an updated picture of how Southern Smoke’s Pocket offspring look as adults!!!
pocket bully, pocket pitbulls

If you are looking for the absolute best pocket bullies you can find, look no further!
We have what you need right here at Southern Smoke Pitbulls & Bullies!

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